Buy Ivy Clear Poison Ivy Wash. It's Dual Action Removes Poison Ivy Oils and Stops Itching Fast with Natural Jojoba Beads!
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Provestra Soothing Relief of Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac

RELIEF from the painful itching and irritation of poison ivy, oak and sumac is here. If you spend time in the outdoors, at some point you will come into contact with these plants. If you are one of the many people allergic to the oils in the plants, a painful rash develops. Ivy Wash Poison Ivy Cleanser a unique formula for poison ivy treatment soothes your skin and washes off the oils that cause the rash, provides temporary relief from the itch.

Now, Hydromax X30 for the first time, Ivy Wash Poison Ivy Cleanser is available to the public. Rub it on …feel the soothing relief of natural Jojoba beads… wash it off and the itch goes away!

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